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Our key sponsors are:

Piper and Health
Piper & Heath is a specialist Africa tour operator and we are very excited to be sponsoring this project. Our strategy for giving back to Africa is that we earmark a percentage of our turnover and use that to pay for fundraising initiatives. In this way we are normally able to increase the sum of our financial support to Africa anywhere from ten to a hundredfold. Chris Liebenberg who owns Piper & Heath has spent a large part of his life involved with the plight of rhinos. Namibia, where he is from, has one of the most successful rhino conservation track records in Africa. While still in his teens, Chris started working on rhino dehorning and relocation projects in Namibia. As a safari guide he led near on a thousand rhino treks teaching visitors about these living dinosaurs. Chris’s greatest passion for travel in Africa is expedition style travel, and so Matt’s idea of biking a rhino statue the west coast of the United States is exactly the kind of project Chris would sink his teeth into.

Wilderness Safaris
Wilderness Safaris is one of Africa’s largest and most respected safari companies. For over 30 years they have been practicing leading eco-tourism ventures in some of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Through the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, they have pioneered wildlife monitoring and research programs that have had far ranging positive affects for the wildlife, the land and the people of Africa. Wilderness Safaris have also pioneered the formation of a nucleus rhino population in Botswana. They are longstanding supporters of the Save The Rhino Trust in Namibia and through their Desert Rhino Camp they are able to both house and finance the work of the Save The Rhino Trust in that area.

Other sponsors include: