You can make a difference

Why We Ride?

The aim of the Long Ride to Free them is to raise funds create global awareness for the current poaching crisis on Rhinoceros in Southern Africa. In doing so, to the shed light on this urgent dilemma that involves rhinoceros and other keystone species worldwide. By bringing this issue to the forefront we strive to make a more positive impact in the way we interact and affect our natural world.

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Make a Difference

Care for Wild Africa

Assist Care for Wild Africa rhino sactuary in rehabilitating orophaned rhinos and release them back in the wild to overcome the trauma of poaching.

Save the Rhino Trust

Support The Rhino Trust’s mandate to monitor and conduct reserach on the desert-dwelling rhinos in Namibia.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Support Pejeta Conservancy in strenghtening partnerhips that provide unique findings and cutting-edge technology that contribuite to a diverse species.

Rhino Ride Log